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I believe in Entrepreneurship. I believe in Entrepreneurs/Business Owners. I love helping them succeed. Which is why I love helping them discover strategies and solutions to grow their businesses.

I’ve been there and understand it on every level. I’ve grown an idea into a nationally recognized brand through digital marketing.

I want to bring that experience to you. My guarantee to you is that I will work as hard on your business as I do on mine.

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How Being On Government Assistance Made Me Become an Entrepreneur That Want To Help Other Entrepreneurs?

I felt worthless as an unemployed man with a wife and children to take care of. That’s the reason I decided to become an entrepreneur again at age 24. My wife and I had been married a little over a year when my work permit was revoked. It was some glitch in the processing of my green card which I had applied for previous to even meeting my wife. When I got married my immigration status change and mayhem ensued.

I had a great job in the ad department of the biggest newspaper in Western MA, a job I loved, and I also had a side job as a graphic artist for a small family owned print shop. Anyone that knows me knows when I’m fascinated by something I spend hours and hours getting better at it. I loved graphic design, copywriting and advertising. My goal was to be a young Raymond Lowey.

Anywho after losing my work permit I lost both my jobs. For a while that was fine because my wife and I save more than we spend, something we still believe in and practice today. But almost two years and later I had no work papers and two children to feed. I felt broken, lost and empty.

For the first time in my life I was on welfare. See I grew up in the Bahamas and there if you don’t work you don’t eat. And the men in my life mainly, my step father, by example showed me how to be a worker. He busted his butt to make sure we ate.

With those lessons in me I was embarrassed to have to depend on someone or something else to feed my family. The first time my wife used that EBT card to feed us I cried. I cried because I didn’t feel like a man. I cried because I felt like I failed her. I cried because I felt like I took her from her family and downgraded her lifestyle. But in that moment, a low point in my life, I decided to go to what I know, entrepreneurship.

Around the time the EBT saga occurred I had finally got my green card and had the ability to work but was having a hard time finding a job. I applied for marketing jobs, graphic design jobs, jobs in advertising, printing, man I couldn’t even get a job at Circuit City (remember them). So I got pissed. When I get pissed I change stuff.

I decided to show the people that refused to hire me, especially in the marketing world, what I am capable of doing. And that’s when I launched Stinky Cakes.

From that little business and me being pissed, determine and arm with the mindset of never feeling worthless as a man ever again in my life… change happened.

I was able to provide for my family. I became successful. I became a public speaker. I wrote books on entrepreneurship. I met and partnered with highly successful entrepreneurs I admired as a kid.

I won national awards, gained customers from around the world, got featured in magazines I would read when I was a mini entrepreneur in the Bahamas, and got to affect the lives of thousands of youth around the world.

All because of a decision I made to erase the feeling of worthlessness.

If you are feeling like you need to do more for yourself or your family I understand… and trust I know how debilitating that feeling can be. But know you are one decision away from changing it!

If you feel like entrepreneurship may be the way out but don’t know where to start my book, Launch and Stand Out, will show you how to start.

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My Goal For The People I Work With

My goal is to get every Entrepreneur/Business Owner I work with to the point where they can spend $2,000 – $5,000 a month on marketing so they can make $10,000 – $50,000 per month. So they can then scale out and make 1m – 5m per year. #StartWhereYouAre

If you already started, or thinking about starting, your entrepreneurial journey but having a hard time standing out and getting customers here are some course I’ve either created or produced to teach to help you start or grow your business with these Launch and Stand Out Courses

Remember if it is to be it’s up to you! But I’m here to assist you. 

– Myke aka Mr. Stinky Cakes
P.S. If you want to read my full story on how I started Stinky Cakes, why I wrote Launch and Stand Out and what lead me want to assist 1,000 entrepreneurs/business owners… you can read that here.






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