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“The best thing about going through all the things we went through growing Stinky Cakes is having such an amazing story to share with entrepreneurs and business leaders!”  – Mychal Connolly

Mychal Connolly was named one of America’s Top 100 Urban Entrepreneurs for his body of work as the co-founder of the online baby-gift company www.StinkyCakes.com. He was also named one of the Top 40 under 40 in Massachusetts by Business West Magazine. He’s been featured in the Boston Herald, Black Enterprise Magazine and INC. Magazine. He has shared his voice on the power of changing lives through entrepreneurship with platforms such as NPR, CBS Radio, affiliate ABC and NBC TV stations. Mr. Connolly currently serves as a board member and spokesperson for Junior Achievement Western Massachusetts.

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All these accolades are great but far from Mychal’s humble beginnings as an immigrant dishwasher. Connolly move to America at the age of seventeen with less than $20 and a dream. He always had drive and ambition which lead him to launch his first business at the age of 9. Connolly’s journey is an amazing story that proves whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. From the unconventional way he got into college, to the reason he started his company Stinky Cakes and how he launched a national brand with no money, all the way to how almost losing it all made him have a stronger desire to a) succeed and b) give back to his community. Connolly’s journey is a remarkable source of inspiration for anyone that has a dream, believes in their dream and has a strong desire to make their dream a reality.

To say Connolly is passionate about entrepreneurship, sales, marketing and branding is an understatement. Beyond his business selling Stinky Cakes, he has written two books on entrepreneurship and regularly speaks to audiences on the topic — both in person and through a pervasive social-media presence, including, www.MrStinkyCakes.com, a blog centered on starting, running and growing a business.

Encouraging High School Students to Be Successful Entrepreneurs

Connolly decided to author not one but two books to help current and future entrepreneurs ride the wave of the entrepreneurial roller coaster. When asked how and why he wrote the books, Connolly said, “Sitting in the I.C.U. I realized how precious time is. I felt it could all be gone and so would all the things I’ve learned and wanted to share with entrepreneurs. So I felt I just had to get the book done!”. His books are called Launch and Standout (designed to help people start and market their businesses) and Going Viral Unlocked (designed to help people effectively utilize social media to grow their businesses).

He adheres to that classic entrepreneurial mantra: Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” This lead him to launch Stinky Cakes University, a way to mentor future entrepreneurs of all ages. Stinky Cakes University is designed to efficiently help entrepreneurial minded people go from concept to reality, while giving them tons of marketing tips and tricks. Connolly says, “It’s the 9 year old entrepreneur in me that wanted a mentor that drives me to give back to the people I help!”. Connolly was recently awarded the Junior Achievement “Inspirational Award” for his work as a mentor and spokesperson for Junior Achievement Western Massachusetts, www.JAWM.org.

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Title & Descriptions of Speaking Programs

DUH! Common Sense Approach to Marketing

So many people try to start a business by doing an internet search. Upon research it is easy to get overwhelmed with information. In this presentation Mychal will share what to focus on in the vast sea of information.


How to Start a Business (with Pocket Lint) on a Tight Budget

Starting as an immigrant dish washer with less than $20, Mychal shares how you can make your dreams happen with whatever you have at THIS MOMENT.


How to do you get Global Publications like Inc. Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine & Under 30 CEO knocking at your door. The ROI of Social Networking

Learn how attraction marketing and a giving mindset leads to receiving – in both in business and in life, both online and offline.


Overcoming Adversity, Fear and Rejection. How a Mother’s courage can inspire greatness

Mychal shares how witnessing his mothers courage, recovering from a nasty divorce and finding a new life in a new country, relates to his success in business. Everyone has someone (or something) in their life that can inspire them to greatness, and how Mychal’s mother’s courage inspired him.


Why is that grown man driving a Pink & Blue Soccer Mom Van. How to Stand Out with Creative Marketing!
Creative Marketing is what he is known for – with a company called, Stinky Cakes. Mychal shares the best ways to get attention and generate BUZZ.


If An Immigrant Dishwasher Can Succeed at Entrepreneurship… Anyone Can Do It! Street Skills to Business Savvy
Mychal appreciates the skilled hustle of business and recognizes this skill in people who do not even recognize it in themselves. With a passion for being a positive influence in the lives of at-risk youth, he relates how common sense they already have can make for a very successful and ethical business owner.

For Bookings: 413-342-0599 or click here to contact via email.