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Welcome To Mr Stinky Cakes

I believe in Entrepreneurship. I believe in Entrepreneurs/Business Owners. I love helping them succeed. Which is why I love helping them discover strategies and solutions to grow their businesses.

I’ve been there and understand it on every level. I’ve grown an idea into a nationally recognized brand through digital marketing.

I want to bring that experience to you. My guarantee to you is that I will work as hard on your business as I do on mine.

Let me assist you with your digital marketing strategies:

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our mission

My goal is to get every Entrepreneur/Business Owner we work with to the point where they can spend $2,000 – $5,000 a month on marketing so they can make $10,000 – $50,000 per month. So they can then scale out and make 1m – 5m per year.

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Services We Provide


Display Advertising

Target your customers on over 20,000 reputable website.

Search Engine Marketing

Be in front of your best targets in real time. Reach potential customers as they are searching for your products or services.

Search Engine Optimization

Create search engine friendly content with the right marketing messages to convert searchers into customers.

Video Marketing

Get exposure for your products/services when your customers are consuming video online.

Social Media Marketing

Be in front of your target market where they are. Position yourself to have them share your marketing messages for you.


Number don’t lie. Get reports, be optimized and analysis. Analytics tells the story so you get the best return on your investment.

Target Email Marketing

Reach customers via email and multi channel behavioral targeting. Our email marketing techniques are more advanced than just sending email to a list.

Content Marketing

Target defined audiences with content they will engage in and view you as an authority in your industry.

Creative Services

Engaging, effective campaigns for mobile and desktop, ads, video, articles, content – created for you.

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About the Book Launch and Stand Out

In the book Launch and Stand Out I’ll teach you how to turn your ideas into businesses… Launch. And how to market and position your products & services above the crowd to make money… Stand Out. Just like I did with my silly little idea, Stinky Cakes™, that I turned into an award-winning international business!


“The best thing about going through all the things we went through growing Stinky Cakes is having such an amazing story to share with entrepreneurs and business leaders!”

– Mychal Connolly

Do It Yourself Courses

Not quite ready to hire a marketing strategist to help you develop your brand & grow your audience. We’re produced a series of courses to help you jumpstart your digital marketing strategy. The Launch and Stand Out Access Pass gives you access to all of these courses:

1) Facebook Ads Made Simple Course

2) Email Marketing Course

3) YouTube Marketing Course

4) Snapchat Marketing

5) Periscope Marketing

6) How to Launch a Podcast

7) Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs Business Ideas & Models

8) Start Where You Are Video Series

9) Ideas are Everywhere (How To Come Up With or Improve a Business Idea)

10) How to Start A Home Business From Home

11) How To Launch a WordPress Website

12) How to Launch a Five Figure Sales Funnel

Upcoming Courses Include

1) How to Create a Sales Funnel ($100 Value)
2) How to Build a List Like a Boss ($100 Value)
3) Create Your Own WordPress Membership Site ($100 Value)
4) Your First 5 Figure Funnel ($100 Value)
5) How To Create Your Own Product ($100 Value)
6) How to Host Webinars that Pay You ($100 Value)
7) The Stand Out Launch Formula ($100 Value)
8) Business Spreadsheets to Simplify Your Biz ($100 Value)
9) How to be Productive in your Business ($100 Value)
10) Create Your Own WordPress Blog ($100 Value)
11) Branding Blueprint ($100 Value)
12) How to spend your time wisely as an Entrepreneur/Business Owner ($100 Value)
13) Facebook Mastermind ($100 Value)
14) How to Build a Smart Funnel ($100 Value)
15) Smart Marketing with Retargeting ($100 Value)
16) Social Traffic Generation ($100 Value)
17) Reverse Engineering a Sales Funnel ($100 Value)
18) Cheaper to Keep ‘Em: Customer Retention ($100 Value)
19) Lit WordPress Tips, Tools and Techniques ($100 Value)

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