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Apr 03 2019

The Importance of Personalization in Marketing Your Modern Business

Personalization is becoming an increasingly important part of successful marketing today. If you are not already using it to promote your business, it’s time to learn the basics and start using it as part of your know, like trust, remember, buy marketing mix.

What is Personalization? The goal of personalization in marketing is to make your prospective and actual customers feel that you know them and care about them. This goes a long way with customer retention. There are various types of software that can do this. Some time will be required to set up the personalization, but they will pay off in the long run in forging a relationship with your prospects.

Personalize Email Marketing
Collect their names and email addresses via an email marketing platform such as AWeber. Whenever you send an email, use the personalization code in your subject line and in your greeting. This will pull their name into the space and will make them feel like you know who they are and that you care about them.

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Build Rapport with Surveys
Survey the people on your email marketing list regularly to get ideas about the kind of free and paid content they are looking for, which proposed products, services or new features they would be interested in, and so on.

Follow Up on Your Survey Results
Once you’ve surveyed them, be sure to follow up by taking action according to what your prospective customers have said they really want. As long as it is in line with your brand, create the kind of content they want.

Plan new products that meet the needs of your target audience.
This shows you are paying attention and really do care about what they think.

Create a Website They Will Find Valuable
Give the people what they want! Provide the kind of free content and special features on your site or blog that they ask for if you. This will really help your site stand out in a crowd of related sites.

Send Them Offers They’ll Love
Consumers are always interested in saving money. They also love convenience. Their goal in shopping is to transform their lives in some way, such as doing something better, faster, easier or cheaper. Offer them genuinely useful products at a competitive price. Create seasonal sales that really speak to their needs.

Get Social with it!
Engaging followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on will be a lot easier if you have content that speaks to the needs of your target audience. Even more importantly, you want that content to be shareable, so they will pass it along to family and friends who are also interested in the niche. Publish a variety of images, videos, and brief content that is thumb stopping.

Remarketing through Facebook can target anyone who has visited a certain page at your site but not make a purchase. In your Facebook Ads Manager account, create what is called a pixel. Copy and paste it into the header section of your website, or the pages of your site you wish to track. The pixel will tag your site visitors and keep showing them the item they looked at, for example, until they either buy it or 30 days have passed. If you’ve ever noticed that some ads seem to “follow” you after you’ve looked at them, those are the wonders of remarketing. Amazon is great at this!


Mychal Connolly was named one of America’s Top 100 Urban Entrepreneurs and was also named 40 under 40 in Massachusetts. He is a 100 Men of Color Honoree for his work in his Community. Myke was named Chairman of SCORE Western Massachusetts. He is the Author of the book Launch and Standout, a guide to starting a business and growing a business with creative marketing and branding. In addition, he leads a small business and marketing mastermind group called the Hundred Grand Plan. When he’s not consulting and creating marketing strategies, he coaches youth basketball at MLK Community Center. He can be reached at 413-342-0599 or whatsup@mrstinkycakes.com.

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