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Jul 07 2017

Are You Losing Money Focusing On The Wrong Side Of Branding?

A lot of people know how to make things look cute. Few people know how to make things make money. Branding isn’t all about cute colors, fonts and visuals. They help but that’s only a piece of it. The purpose of branding is just that, to brand an impression in the mind of a potential

Jul 06 2017

How Failed Wallpaper Became Bubble Wrap.

Bubble Wrap was Supposed to be Textured Wallpaper.

Jul 05 2017

3 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

3 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

Jun 30 2017

How To Start a Business

3 Steps to Legally Start a Business.  1. Acquire an EIN Number. www.irs.gov (free) 2. Register your DBA at your town/city hall. (About $50) 3a. Open a business bank account. (Some banks ask for a minimum deposit and/or monthly maintenance fee) 3b. Register your business as a LLC. (Highly recommended but not initially needed. $500+)

Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners on iTunes

There are many great books for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners on Apple’s iTunes store. Here are a few that I have bought and read. Please comment below with any book you’d like to see added to this list. Thanks, Myke

Nothing great ever happened without enthusiasm!

🔆 Good Morning #Entrepreneur: GREATNESS never comes without ENTHUSIASM! So if you’re not EXCITED about your idea, business or pursuit, it may be time to shift. Even if you’re a plumber… I know how can you be excited about plumbing, right? Well if you love helping people solve their plumbing problems, and can get excited

May 05 2017

People not supporting you… good. Here’s why!

Want > Support People that WANT your Products buy more than once.  Example: If someone was looking to support John Madden but not into video games… they may buy Madden Football once back in 1988. I’m guessing the game cost $20 back then.  Someone that wants a football video game has probably purchase 20-29 copies

May 04 2017

(VIDEO) How to Embed Social Media Post or Videos to Your WordPress Blog

You may have noticed on various blogs and websites embedded content such as videos, instagram images, facebook post or videos and even tweets. If you ever wondered how that’s done I will show you in the video below.     Twitter Embed Example: 10 habits of super likable #leaders | @scoopit via @RogerFrancis1 https://t.co/yIOKEVJMU3 #leadership

Does winning matter? (Under Armor vs. Nike Edition)

Think winning doesn’t matter? A year ago before Steph Curry’s historic choking and losing to the LeBron James’ Cavs in the NBA Finals Under Armor’s stock was at a high of $45.73 per share and all the young kids were wearing it.  Now a year later, not only did UA share hit a low of

Focus on Conversion

So there’s 5 million Facebook advertisers and 1.86 billion Facebook users. That means only 0.2688% of fb’s users convert to advertising customers.  FYI: Facebook raked in $27.6 billion in total revenue in 2016. Moral of the story: Everyone won’t buy your products or service. Focus on conversion. – Myke