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Jan 07 2019

Business Idea: Launch an Errand Business

Start an Errand Business.

If you’re looking to start your own business and work from home, consider starting an errand running business. An errand running business offers you the ability to help people, make personal connections with customers, and make a nice income.

Here’s what you need to start an errand business.
Customers. An errand running business has a number of potential customers. New mothers and mothers of young children are a fantastic audience. Additionally, the elderly or people that are home bound can also benefit from an errand running business. Finally, consider also targeting affluent customers who work twelve-hour days and don’t have time to complete many tasks.

As a concierge or the owner of an errand running business, you have many options. You can offer a number of services or you can specialize. Some options include:
* Dry cleaning
* Grocery shopping
* Shopping
* Post office/shipping
* Banking
* Appointment making
* Buying tickets
* Walking/caring for pets or taking them to the veterinarian

You can also specialize in a specific type of task or service like financial errands which would require a high degree of trust.

Research your competition to choose what services you offer and how you price them. You can charge by the hour, by the errand or offer package or membership pricing.

Start-Up Equipment
The wonderful thing about an errand business is that the start-up costs are extremely low. If you already own a reliable vehicle, your costs may be less than $100. However, you’ll also need a telephone and email address. If your phone has email capability and texting and instant messaging options, that will help your customers stay in touch with you. You’ll also want a computer, a website, and the means to invoice your customers.

Marketing Your Business
Initially, your marketing campaign will be local. You’ll want a website for customers to reference and you’ll want to be listed on local search engines like Google Places and Yelp. You will also likely want classified advertisements in your local papers, Craigslist and the yellow pages.

Networking and word of mouth are perhaps your biggest sources of clients. Help your clients spread the word and consider offering a referral bonus. Flyer and brochures will help spread the word too.

An errand running business is a wonderful business if you’re personable and responsible. Additionally, it’ll help if you’re excited to start and grow a business focused on helping people. Research your competition, plan your business and help meet the needs of your community. Get started today! MC

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