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Facebook is free for consumers. It’s not free for businesses.

When it comes to Facebook it’s free to post, but you have to pay to advertise.

If you don’t pay but get customers, imagine how many more customers you’d have if you paid.

Show me 10 seven figure businesses that make their money by posting free post on their personal timelines.If you don’t follow other business pages and don’t know the answer… the answer is none.

However, whether you follow their pages or not, I’m sure you still see their ads.

Which is what I’m talking about. The circle of advertising…

Businesses pay Facebook to reach their free users with ads.

Those ads in turn introduce those free users to products or services.

They, the consumers, then leave Facebook and go buy.

Which gives the businesses more money to advertise to more consumers.

So really Facebook isn’t free for consumers either but consumers consume and business owners sell and Facebook provides a platform for the two to meet.

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