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May 05 2017

People not supporting you… good. Here’s why!

Want > Support

People that WANT your Products buy more than once. 

Example: If someone was looking to support John Madden but not into video games… they may buy Madden Football once back in 1988. I’m guessing the game cost $20 back then. 

Someone that wants a football video game has probably purchase 20-29 copies of that game, as it’s been re-release with new features and players ever year since 1988. Which is a minimum of $1,200 lifetime customer value for a person that wanted a copy of madden since 1988. 

FYI: Back in 2013 the Madden Game franchise was estimated to be worth a whopping $4 Billion Dollars. 

Support is a great kick starter but not a sustainable business model… unless your a charity. But that’s another post for another time!

So go out and make people WANT your products and service not support you. 

– Myke

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