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Oct 24 2017

Stop to Start.

Want to be successful at something… anything? Stop to start! STOP worrying about what people that don’t believe in you think to START on the path to success! Have a GREAT day! I believe in you. And I believe you can do it! – Myke (Leave me a comment below) Here are some great books

Jul 06 2017

How Failed Wallpaper Became Bubble Wrap.

Bubble Wrap was Supposed to be Textured Wallpaper.

Jul 05 2017

3 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

3 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

May 05 2017

People not supporting you… good. Here’s why!

Want > Support People that WANT your Products buy more than once.  Example: If someone was looking to support John Madden but not into video games… they may buy Madden Football once back in 1988. I’m guessing the game cost $20 back then.  Someone that wants a football video game has probably purchase 20-29 copies

Doesn’t matter how long… just get there.

Patience is a major key to success!  Many #entrepreneurs want success right away.  There is nothing wrong with this, but you’re probably going to want to learn to be patient if you’re in business for yourself because it can take a while to see the fruits of your labor.  Rarely is someone an “overnight success.” 

When “They” Say “You’ve Changed”.

So “they” won’t buy your products and services.  So you will go to people that will.  “They” will then see that you succeeded… without them.  Then “they” will say you’ve changed.  No… you didn’t change. You just adapted to succeed without them. Be you. Be great! #Entrepreneur – Myke aka Mr. Stinky Cakes

Forget the “likes” and “shares”

Success is not about “likes”and “shares”. Success is all about putting in the work until you reach your goal(s).  If you’re looking for “likes” and “shares” because you are doing the work to reach your goals… forget about it.  Why? Most people hate work and working. So why would they praise or celebrate you with

Focus on the 22’s

? Remember there’s always that one hater ignore them. They’re usually just looking for attention and will be a hassle to convert to a customer.  ❤️ Focus on the 22 that love you. They’re the ones that will buy your stuff. ? Keep running ads to the 8.7k because there are more “22’s” in there!

Dec 24 2016

Let your frustration be your motivation! 

TAKE ACTION… INVEST IN YOURSELF! If you’re frustrated about having more month than money, invest and create more revenue streams.  If you’re frustrated about your weight, eat healthy and exercise, invest in you.  If you’re frustrated about your marriage, spend time with your spouse and strengthen your relationship, invest in y’all!  Just know you will

Dec 03 2016

Why You Work Best When Your Back Is Against The Wall. 

Some of your best work or greatest accomplishments will occur when your “back is against the wall”. Why? Because at this point your main option will be to listen and act on the voice in your head that tells you what you need to get done to change your situation. There will be no room