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Jul 31 2017

Turn your personality into a brand that pays you money!

Everyone has and is a personal brand, whether you know it or not. When who people think you are and who you are match up you can capitalize on your personal brand. Don’t believe me? Think about your workplace isn’t there a “Smelly Mouth Sam, Gossiping Gwen, Thankful Tim, Negative Nelly, Joyful Jenny, etc. I’m sure you’re saying well not those names but yes.

We get branding because, in order for us as humans to remember things, we have to give moments categories for our brains to save and process them as memories. We learn in pictures. So we create or “paint” pictures in our minds to help us remember things.It’s almost like when we create a folder on our computer to save great quotes, cute pictures, awesome recipes, etc. Anytime we come across one of those things we save it in that associated folder. When we need one of those files, or want to share one with a friend, we go right to that folder.The same goes with the people that meet us and the people we know. They put us in a “folder” once they meet us or even if someone else told them about us. The key is learning how to turn your personal brand into cash,and that can be quite simple! I’ve done it and you can too!

If you want to learn more about the art of personal branding, download the Pink & Blueprint: The Ultimate Guide To Turning Your Personality into A Personal Brand That Pays You Money.

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