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Dec 02 2016

Stop it. Stop spending money on these over priced “coaches”, “experts” and “gurus”.

Anyone else notice that people actually making money online or offline are not doing the things these experts, guru and coaches are telling people to do?
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Wendy’s, Coca Cola, Berkshire Hathaway or Starbucks’ Click Funnel.

Stop wasting your money on the new age snake oil salesmen and women. Stop following. Be a leader.

That same 5-20k you spent on those coaches could produce six – seven figures in sales for your business with the right marketing strategy. 

Side note why is it when you don’t sign up for the over priced coaching they say… that’s why you’re not getting results, because you’re afraid to spend money.

And when you spend the money, do what your told, and still don’t get results… they say it because you need to purchase more coaching.

I cringe EVERY TIME someone tells me how much they pay these snake oil salesmen and women.

Even more so when I have hardcore numbers on what some companies are spending in marketing and the results they’re getting.

And they are paying way less than some people are paying the snake oilers.

– Myke

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