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Does winning matter? (Under Armor vs. Nike Edition)

Think winning doesn’t matter? A year ago before Steph Curry’s historic choking and losing to the LeBron James’ Cavs in the NBA Finals Under Armor’s stock was at a high of $45.73 per share and all the young kids were wearing it.  Now a year later, not only did UA share hit a low of

Focus on Conversion

So there’s 5 million Facebook advertisers and 1.86 billion Facebook users. That means only 0.2688% of fb’s users convert to advertising customers.  FYI: Facebook raked in $27.6 billion in total revenue in 2016. Moral of the story: Everyone won’t buy your products or service. Focus on conversion. – Myke

How Do I Get My Friends To Buy My Products Or Services

Want your friends to buy things from you?  Here’s the formula:  Step 1. Tell thousands of strangers about your products or services via marketing and advertising.  Step 2. Convert those strangers into customers by a) selling them things they need or want. Or b) Get paid by solving some kind of problem they have.  Step

The Difference between a Panhandler and a CEO

So I just watched a homeless person make a minimum of $3 in 5 minutes.  Let’s say he did that for 60 minutes. That would be $60 and hour. That would be $2400 per week (based on a 40 hour work week). $124,800 per year.  That got me to thinking that the difference between that

You don’t need to be famous or popular to make money.

You do know you don’t need to be popular or “famous” to make money right? Think about this… the companies in your community that are making the most money aren’t even know by your community.  The people that work there know about it and more importantly their customers know about it.  There’s a company down

Jan 02 2017

Six Emojis That Can Make You Six Figures

I think it’s safe to say emojis are pretty much here to stay. But did you know some emojis hold the keys to you being a six figure earner? Here are six emojis you need to be a six figure earner!   All you need to make six figures these days: Emoji  #1 💡  A

Dec 26 2016

Simple Way To Overcome Fear

Fear kills more dreams than lack of resources ever will!   – Mr. Stinky Cakes 👥 🎯🎧

Dec 02 2016

Stop it. Stop spending money on these over priced “coaches”, “experts” and “gurus”.

Anyone else notice that people actually making money online or offline are not doing the things these experts, guru and coaches are telling people to do? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Wendy’s, Coca Cola, Berkshire Hathaway or Starbucks’ Click Funnel.  Stop wasting your money on the new age snake oil salesmen and women.

Dec 02 2016

Your Business Plan is Worthless If It’s Not Making You Money.

I don’t care how nicely written your business plan is… or who helped you write it. If you don’t have a solid current media marketing strategy behind you your products won’t be sold. What worked in the 80’s isn’t the most effective strategy for today. Why waste your money blanketing and hoping, when you can

Nov 24 2016

VIDEO: How to Inspire Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

  My 12, 10, 9 year old sons are mini entrepreneurs. Whether it’s raising money for one of their school’s fundraisers. Or earning money to buy video games and sneakers they know how to make their own money. But how do you inspire kids to be entrepreneurs? I sit down with, NBC affiliate reporter, WWLP’s Ashley Kohl to