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The Difference between a Panhandler and a CEO

So I just watched a homeless person make a minimum of $3 in 5 minutes. 

Let’s say he did that for 60 minutes. That would be $60 and hour. That would be $2400 per week (based on a 40 hour work week). $124,800 per year. 

That got me to thinking that the difference between that homeless person and a billionaire CEO… is that the CEO would have multiple systems in place that makes $240 an hour (based on 168 work hours). 

Being ran 4-5 people that he divides $60 per hour between (based on 40-60 hour work week). 
$60 per hour would go to the business operations an $120 – $1,200 an hour would go to him (depending on how many locations he owns). $524,160 – $5,241,600 per year. 

What’s the difference between the homeless man’s business and the CEO’s business? 

Yes, life circumstances. But the difference in the businesses is that the CEO understands 1) Leverage 2) Income 3) Duplication 4) Time.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. 
Please comment below. 

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