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Oct 12 2016

The Five P’s to Writing Great Web Content

When settling in to draft original copy for a web project, it is important to keep the five P’s of Web Copy Writing in mind. In fact, using this simple formula will make all the difference in how effectively what you write will go from words to cash in your pocket.

Here are each of the five P’s of Web Copy Writing!

1. Problem – Whenever your task is to convince someone of a need, you must first convince the buyer there is a dilemma that must be addressed. This dilemma or problem helps to set up a sense of urgency, indicating action must be taken in order to take care of the issue at hand. Once your copy presents this problem, then you can begin the process of convincing the buyer you have the solution.

2. Promise – Essentially, your promise is that the subject matter of your sales pitch is going to make everything okay again. For example, if you presented the problem of dirty windows, you now promise that your product provides the best solution available.

3. Proof – Having made a promise or claim, it is now time to put your money where your mouth is. In other words, you are going to present all the reasons why your solution works better than anything else. Here is where you make your solution irresistible to the consumer by pointing out how quickly and easily the problem can be made to go away.

4. Price – After making all the benefits clear, you add the icing to the cake. That is, you make note of what a small cost is necessary to obtain all these wonderful advantages. The idea is to convey that your solution is worth every penny of the cost, even if it may be a little more than some of the similar but obviously inferior products offered by the competition.

5. P.S. – This is where you add in one more added benefit. This can be something that is outside the scope of the original problem, but somehow still related. For example, you may note that your product not only makes windowpanes crystal clear, but will also do a great job on that resin furniture in the back yard. The P.S. is your chance to provide one more benefit and thus nudge a consumer who is on the fence to go ahead and take the plunge.

This simple formula can be utilized with just about any type of situation where you want to present an issue and then offer a viable solution. Give it a try. Think of a single problem and then see where this process takes you. The results will be a pleasant surprise.

– Myke

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