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Jul 07 2017

Are You Losing Money Focusing On The Wrong Side Of Branding?

A lot of people know how to make things look cute. Few people know how to make things make money.

Branding isn’t all about cute colors, fonts and visuals. They help but that’s only a piece of it.

The purpose of branding is just that, to brand an impression in the mind of a potential customer.

The goal of branding is to have that potential customer choose your company over your competition when they need or want to purchase the product or service.

When you get a cut, what do you use to cover it. A band-aid right. No you use a self adhesive strip.

The brand you choose is band-aid.


There’s nothing overly cute about band-aid’s visuals. It’s very basic.

However, there biggest branding campaign was a TV campaign.

Years ago they launched a jingle that many of us still remember. It goes, “I am stuck on Band-Aid, cus band-aid’s stuck on me”. This was then followed by a marketing message saying why they are the best.

I know people with no so appealing visuals that are making great money for the simple fact that they know how to make people buy things, so they make money.

And I know people with beautiful visuals that aren’t producing Cashflow because they have no idea how to make people buy things so they can make money.

My point is don’t be a beautiful but empty piggy bank. The key is knowing how to sell, not only knowing how to look cute.

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