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Jan 02 2017

Six Emojis That Can Make You Six Figures

I think it’s safe to say emojis are pretty much here to stay. But did you know some emojis hold the keys to you being a six figure earner? Here are six emojis you need to be a six figure earner!   All you need to make six figures these days: Emoji  #1 ?  A

Dec 26 2016

Simple Way To Overcome Fear

Fear kills more dreams than lack of resources ever will!   – Mr. Stinky Cakes ? ??

Dec 02 2016

Stop it. Stop spending money on these over priced “coaches”, “experts” and “gurus”.

Anyone else notice that people actually making money online or offline are not doing the things these experts, guru and coaches are telling people to do? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Wendy’s, Coca Cola, Berkshire Hathaway or Starbucks’ Click Funnel. Stop wasting your money on the new age snake oil salesmen and women.

Dec 02 2016

Your Business Plan is Worthless If It’s Not Making You Money.

I don’t care how nicely written your business plan is… or who helped you write it. If you don’t have a solid current media marketing strategy behind you your products won’t be sold. What worked in the 80’s isn’t the most effective strategy for today. Why waste your money blanketing and hoping, when you can

Nov 24 2016

VIDEO: How to Inspire Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

  My 12, 10, 9 year old sons are mini entrepreneurs. Whether it’s raising money for one of their school’s fundraisers. Or earning money to buy video games and sneakers they know how to make their own money. But how do you inspire kids to be entrepreneurs? I sit down with, NBC affiliate reporter, WWLP’s Ashley Kohl to

Nov 24 2016

When And How To Start Writing a Blog?

So, you have been thinking about creating a blog, but aren’t sure where to start. That’s okay, this article will fill you in on what you need to know before you get started. The good news is that blogs are very easy to set up, and you can put up a basic blog in a

Nov 23 2016

How To Grow a Business to 1 Million Dollar (or More) Asset in 5 Years or Less

Learn how money works! If you don’t know the game, you can’t win the game! Side-note: It’s okay to work for stock instead of liquid cash. Though very risky… it’s one of the easiest ways to compound your money. Example: $30,000 salary as an administrative assistant is okay. $3,000,000 as a administrative assistant when the

Nov 19 2016

6 Simple Words That Can Save You Time, Money, Heartaches, and Headaches

One of the main reasons I love the TV show Shark Tank is because I learn so many nice ways to tell people no. The sharks have the uncanny way of letting entrepreneurs (people) down while building them up. The phrase “and for that reason I’m out” have become a regular member of my vernacular.

Oct 19 2016

Super Tips That Will Attract Customers To Buy Your Products

Whether you love it or hate it, marketing and sales are critical to the life blood of any business. You can make it more fun, if you take the approach that you want to seriously flirt with a growing list of prospects. Marketing attraction. It sounds like flirting doesn’t it? And in a way, that’s

Oct 12 2016

The Five P’s to Writing Great Web Content

When settling in to draft original copy for a web project, it is important to keep the five P’s of Web Copy Writing in mind. In fact, using this simple formula will make all the difference in how effectively what you write will go from words to cash in your pocket. Here are each of