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Dec 26 2016

Simple Way To Overcome Fear

Fear kills more dreams than lack of resources ever will!   – Mr. Stinky Cakes ? ??

Dec 24 2016

Let your frustration be your motivation! 

TAKE ACTION… INVEST IN YOURSELF! If you’re frustrated about having more month than money, invest and create more revenue streams.  If you’re frustrated about your weight, eat healthy and exercise, invest in you.  If you’re frustrated about your marriage, spend time with your spouse and strengthen your relationship, invest in y’all!  Just know you will

Dec 11 2016

5 Tips For Successful Email Marketing For Small Businesses

As the owner of a small business, it is extremely important to keep in touch with your clients. Email marketing is a great way to maintain a good relation with your customers and to build your business. Consider the following tips for successful email marketing: 1. KEEP A VERY DETAILED AND SEGMENTED LIST: Maintaining a

Dec 03 2016

Why You Work Best When Your Back Is Against The Wall. 

Some of your best work or greatest accomplishments will occur when your “back is against the wall”. Why? Because at this point your main option will be to listen and act on the voice in your head that tells you what you need to get done to change your situation. There will be no room

Dec 02 2016

Stop it. Stop spending money on these over priced “coaches”, “experts” and “gurus”.

Anyone else notice that people actually making money online or offline are not doing the things these experts, guru and coaches are telling people to do? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Wendy’s, Coca Cola, Berkshire Hathaway or Starbucks’ Click Funnel. Stop wasting your money on the new age snake oil salesmen and women.

Dec 02 2016

Your Business Plan is Worthless If It’s Not Making You Money.

I don’t care how nicely written your business plan is… or who helped you write it. If you don’t have a solid current media marketing strategy behind you your products won’t be sold. What worked in the 80’s isn’t the most effective strategy for today. Why waste your money blanketing and hoping, when you can

Nov 29 2016

The dream is free. The ambitious pursuit… sold separately.

Nov 29 2016

One of The Best and Effective Ways to Advertise Your Business

If you are trying to build a business online or offline, then it’s a safe assumption that you would like that business to make you money. After all, anything else is just a hobby. The good news is that there are many ways to earn money, and there are also many ways to advertise your

Nov 25 2016

Why be average when you can Stand Out!

Good Morning. The way to not live an average life is to do things average people won’t do.  This may make you seem different, but Stand Out anyway.  Be willing to sacrifice who you are today for who you want to be tomorrow.  And hang with other people standing out in different industries.  Surround yourself with

Nov 24 2016

VIDEO: How to Inspire Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

  My 12, 10, 9 year old sons are mini entrepreneurs. Whether it’s raising money for one of their school’s fundraisers. Or earning money to buy video games and sneakers they know how to make their own money. But how do you inspire kids to be entrepreneurs? I sit down with, NBC affiliate reporter, WWLP’s Ashley Kohl to