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May 04 2017

(VIDEO) How to Embed Social Media Post or Videos to Your WordPress Blog

You may have noticed on various blogs and websites embedded content such as videos, instagram images, facebook post or videos and even tweets. If you ever wondered how that’s done I will show you in the video below.     Twitter Embed Example: 10 habits of super likable #leaders | @scoopit via @RogerFrancis1 https://t.co/yIOKEVJMU3 #leadership

Does winning matter? (Under Armor vs. Nike Edition)

Think winning doesn’t matter? A year ago before Steph Curry’s historic choking and losing to the LeBron James’ Cavs in the NBA Finals Under Armor’s stock was at a high of $45.73 per share and all the young kids were wearing it.  Now a year later, not only did UA share hit a low of

Focus on Conversion

So there’s 5 million Facebook advertisers and 1.86 billion Facebook users. That means only 0.2688% of fb’s users convert to advertising customers.  FYI: Facebook raked in $27.6 billion in total revenue in 2016. Moral of the story: Everyone won’t buy your products or service. Focus on conversion. – Myke

How Do I Get My Friends To Buy My Products Or Services

Want your friends to buy things from you?  Here’s the formula:  Step 1. Tell thousands of strangers about your products or services via marketing and advertising.  Step 2. Convert those strangers into customers by a) selling them things they need or want. Or b) Get paid by solving some kind of problem they have.  Step

Doesn’t matter how long… just get there.

Patience is a major key to success!  Many #entrepreneurs want success right away.  There is nothing wrong with this, but you’re probably going to want to learn to be patient if you’re in business for yourself because it can take a while to see the fruits of your labor.  Rarely is someone an “overnight success.” 

The Difference between a Panhandler and a CEO

So I just watched a homeless person make a minimum of $3 in 5 minutes.  Let’s say he did that for 60 minutes. That would be $60 and hour. That would be $2400 per week (based on a 40 hour work week). $124,800 per year.  That got me to thinking that the difference between that

When “They” Say “You’ve Changed”.

So “they” won’t buy your products and services.  So you will go to people that will.  “They” will then see that you succeeded… without them.  Then “they” will say you’ve changed.  No… you didn’t change. You just adapted to succeed without them. Be you. Be great! #Entrepreneur – Myke aka Mr. Stinky Cakes

You don’t need to be famous or popular to make money.

You do know you don’t need to be popular or “famous” to make money right? Think about this… the companies in your community that are making the most money aren’t even know by your community.  The people that work there know about it and more importantly their customers know about it.  There’s a company down

Forget the “likes” and “shares”

Success is not about “likes”and “shares”. Success is all about putting in the work until you reach your goal(s).  If you’re looking for “likes” and “shares” because you are doing the work to reach your goals… forget about it.  Why? Most people hate work and working. So why would they praise or celebrate you with

Focus on the 22’s

😡 Remember there’s always that one hater ignore them. They’re usually just looking for attention and will be a hassle to convert to a customer.  ❤️ Focus on the 22 that love you. They’re the ones that will buy your stuff. 👍 Keep running ads to the 8.7k because there are more “22’s” in there!